Located in Seward, Illinois, Eickman’s is family-owned and operated by several generations and we specialize in customizing your orders. On site, your meats are slaughtered, cut, smoked and packaged - whatever your needs, your options are nearly endless!


John Eickman was a Depot Agent in Seward and would help local farmer butcher their livestock at their farms. When the depot was torn down in 1943, John purchased the local creamery building to slaughter there. John’s son Merlyn helped his father and brothers with the slaughtering, which eventually led to Merlyn’s job in Rockford at Farmer’s Feed and Locker Company. The Rockford company furnished meat to lockers in several different cities. In 1948 Merlyn transferred to the locker in Pecatonica, five miles north of Seward.

Merlyn became the manager in Pecatonica and five years later purchased a plant in Pecatonica in 1953. In 1964 Merlyn’s son Mike started working in the business. They continued to slaughter in Seward and cut in Pecatonica until 1967. At this time they closed the Pecatonica facility and moved all operations to Seward. Once in Seward, they renamed the company Eickman’s Processing Co. The company then went through numerous additions as more space was needed, including a 2400 square foot addition in 1980 adding more retail and warehouse space. In 2006 another addition of 5000 square feet was added, once again expanding the retail store as well as the warehouse, cooler, freezer and processing floor.

In 1994 Mike’s son Tom started working in the business. In 1999 Merlyn sold the company to Mike and Lori Eickman. These days you can find Mike driving the delivery truck, Lori managing the books, and Tom running the day-to-day operations. Even Merlyn can still be found most afternoons working on the processing floor helping out some of the 29 employees at Eickman’s Processing Co. Inc.
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