Located in Seward, IL - Eickman's has been in business since 1953

Besides our custom processing, we have a retail store and also do catering. Our specialty? Whole roast pigs!

Need something cut for a special occasion? Eickman's does custom orders large or small. Give us a call today!


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65 years of family tradition. Located in Seward, Illinois, Eickman's is family-owned and operated by several generations of the Eickman family. We specialize in customizing your order by cutting, smoking and packaging your meat the way you want - whatever your needs, your options are nearly endless!

John Eickman was a Depot Agent in Seward and would help local farmers butcher their . . . Read More >>

Merlyn Eickman

Custom Cutting

Exceptional Meat

About Eickman's

Eickman's has been local since 1943

John Eickman was a Depot Agent in Seward and would help local farmers butcher their livestock at their farms. When the depot was worn down in 1943, John purchased the local creamery building to slaughter there. John's son Merlyn helped his father and brothers with the slaughtering, which eventually led to Merlyn's job in Rockford at Farmer's Feed and Locker Company. The Rockford company furnished meat to lockers in several...

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The Meat

Eickman's has the best variety of meat

Separate from our retail area we specialize in custom processing of Beef, Pork, Lamb and Venison - it's a great way to fill your freezer! We proudly utilize local farms for our processing for the best quality. 

What makes it custom? You tell us how much you want (1/4, 1/2 or whole beef, 1/2 or whole hog) and we'll walk you through all of your cut options and how you want it packaged. Click below for more info...

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The Store

Eickman's located in Seward IL

If getting a 1/2 hog or a 1/4 beef or more is not for you, don't forget about our retail store!

We have individual steaks and roasts, brats and burgers, fruits, vegetables, desserts, seasonings, sauces and more.

Browse through our store photos...

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Where Can You Find Eickman's Meats?

Meat Processing

From the humane harvesting of local livestock to the cutting, packaging, curing, and smoking, our goal is to bring you quality meat. 

We take pride in learning all facets of our craft - from the ways things were done in the old days to how new technology may contribute to a better product - often blending the two.

Our skilled butchers process your animal just the way you want. We also cure and smoke our hams, bacon, jerky and more in old-fashioned ways and make a variety of sausages, all on-site. 

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